About Rhode Island

Lately, my corner of the world has been the state of Rhode Island. Here are some pieces I’ve written about it:

A window into the Rhode Island School of Design’s celebration of its Glass Department:

50 Years in Glass

WONDER: a book review

A profile of the President of RISD and the President’s House for American Craft magazine:

Many Voices 

Articles for Rhode Island Monthly magazine:

Rare Art

Quilt For Change

Pet Project (this one’s a personal essay)

Secret Rhode Island

Rhody Relics: Treasures Found At Local Archaeological Sites

Brickley’s Ice Cream (part of RI Monthly’s guide to ice cream, and the fourth shop in the section)

Nick-a-Nee’s: A Classic Dive Bar Draws The True Connoisseur (scroll down through other favorite places in RI for this one)

A four-part online series for Rhode Island Monthly about becoming a real Rhode Islander:

Becoming a Real Rhode Islander: Learning to Clam

Becoming a Real Rhode Islander: Learning To Follow Directions, Rhode Island Style

Becoming a Real Rhode Islander: Learning to Be a True RI Sports Fan

Becoming a Real Rhode Islander: The Post-Halloween Edition


Recent Personal Essays

“Pet Project”   Rhode Island Monthly

“A Life Less Cautious”   Good Housekeeping

Articles About Money

I also write about money, and people’s relationship to it.

For Daily Worth:

9 Tricks To Negotiate Anything

Don’t Follow The Rules

Behind On Your Savings? That Would Be Most Of Us

Fun Funds

Hire The Best

Five Ways To Kill It As A Freelancer

Where To Stash Your Cash


Advice Columns

I wrote three advice columns: “Scruples” for Mademoiselle magazine, “Ask Me Anything” for Redbook, and “Ask Ellen” for Family Life. I plan on making my next advice column for adventurous women ages 50 to 90.  Sample question: “When travelling by camel, how do I get on and off the animal without falling on my head?” Here are samples of my past columns.

 “Ask Ellen” Family Life

Sample column: Party-Spot Stealer/Moaning Over Loaning/Playdate Ditcher/Stiffing the Sitter/Flipping About Tipping (PDF)

“Ask Me Anything” Redbook

Sample column: Am I Becoming a Prude?/I Don’t Want My Kid to Watch That!/He’s Got a Disgusting Habit!/Should I Tell Her She’s About To Get Fired? (PDF)

“Scruples” Mademoiselle

Sample column: Express Yourself: Rules for the Angry (PDF)


How to Have A Better Life

I’ve penned articles for many magazines and websites about how to have a better life: a more relaxed one, a life where you know how to speak up for yourself, get yourself out of a rut, and more. Here are some of them:

“The Secret to a Vacation State of Mind” deliberateLIFE, Aug 2013 (PDF)

12 Questions That Will Change Your Life Redbook

Are You Secretly in a Rut? Redbook

“The Girl You Used To Be” Good Housekeeping (PDF)

Identify Your Organizing Style Good Housekeeping



It’s the Witching Hour     Working Mother

How to Stand Up to a Bully’s Mom   Redbook

“How to Stop That Backtalk!” Redbook (PDF)

“Help Your Child Behave (Without Nagging),” Redbook (PDF)

Older Profiles and Trend Pieces

“Writing their own fairy tales”, Good Housekeeping

“The Two Lives of Andie MacDowell” Redbook (PDF)

“Weddings to Go: How to Get Your Elopement Together and Take it on the Road,” Mademoiselle (PDF)

Older Articles About How To Speak Up For Yourself

Are Your Words Holding You Back?   Redbook (This piece has had a life of its own; it has been reprinted, and excerpted in books many times. It was the brainchild of my editor at Redbook, Andrea Bauman. In writing it, I got to interview many smart women, including Jennifer Blaine, a walking one-woman show.)

How to Say No—To Anything   Redbook

3 Lousy Ways to Apologize for a Mistake Redbook

How to Handle a Meddlesome Mom Redbook

“How to Make Up With a Friend,” Redbook (PDF)

“How to Break Up With Anyone,” Redbook (PDF)

“How to Handle Difficult People,” Redbook (PDF)